another new name because, let’s face it, this one is crap

So, Im thinking of changing the blog’s name…. yes. Again. I know. sounds like a fashion something… name doesn’t speak to me either… what of when I’m in heels? And have my hair in a weave? Am I still capable of running this blog? These are the questions that keep me up at night…

BUT NO MORE, my fellow drunks… no more.

And besides, I’m not a fashion something. I’m just a girl… a 23 year old girl.

A couple of my mates are married, you know? One even has a son. I bet they don’t see themselves as girls anymore. Must be a thing of the mind, because I would.

Even when I imagine me married (yes, that happens stop with the shocked faces… so dramatic you guys), I still see me giving the hubby the silent treatment and fighting for the TV remote with the kids till hubby comes home and they report that mummy has refused to change it from cartoon network.

gonna be a girl forever. I don’t care.


2 thoughts on “another new name because, let’s face it, this one is crap”

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