there’s no I in team

Two and a half yers ago, I decided my hair had her last romantic getaway with relaxers. #spoilerAlert, reladers do NOT relax uour hair…. no it is not a mini head masage that treats your strands to little spa treatments whilst pampering your scalp. A relaxer is much… much , more unrelaxing.

Relaxer makes african curly, kinky hair straight….. simple and short… till you have new growth to “relax” off again.

How it looks like on paper and in adverts

They never tell you the bitter side Though…. the horrific feeling of having a zillion mosquitoes biting at your unsuspecting head…. and the wounds… oh Lord the wonds!! apart from the fact that my hair refused to stay straight in two weeks, she was back to her curly kinkiness.and that was how i went afro… my wallet was pleased. That was over two years ago.a lot more people are natural now… natural hair it is called.

And like any other “thing”… they have decided they are “unique” and “different” and are embracing their “africaness” unlike the relaxed hair-ed ones that are trying to have European hair.

And how best to celebrate your “uniqueness” than hashtagging your cause into a team.

So added to #teamVirgin, #TeamChristain, #TeamLefty, #teamDimples, #teamDarkSkinnedNoBleach, #TeamFatDontCareToHellWithMoniqueAndJenniferHudsonTheTurnCoats, #TeamPiercings, #TeamSlimAndSexyByForceByFire…

And of course, #TeamNatural… Guess I’m in that as well…



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