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a special love this christmas

So, it’s christmas day… and no, it’s not about obese white men in fur-lined red clothed or lighted up streets  or flying reindeer or christmas gifts delivered through a chimney by a house-breaking old man… it’s about the day that the ultimate gift of life finally arrived to this world. The day Jesus was born… the proof of God’s love.

Some weeks ago, I had to give up something of mine… a thing really… it hurt. I felt sad to the last moment… still do sometimes. It’s only knowing what I will get out of giving it up that made doing it tolerable. I can’t imagine how God felt basically killing his kid so we can be free from the devil.

When Adam and Eve ate the apple, it was obeying the devil and disobeying God. We became ruled by the devil… and this Earth that God had made For us to rule and enjoy also became ruled by the devil.


Throughout the old books, men were able to draw close to God by obeying him… the ten commandments, the 600 and so laws in The book of Leviticus.. all rules and regulations to make God our leader… it was never enough.



The people of Israel are the illustrative example. The chosen people; they experienced God firsthand and STILL readily turned to other gods. God realised more had to be done. The devil in them was strong. God is too pure to mix up with such filth.

Step in, Jesus… Prince to Heaven.., Heaven that has her streets paved with gold…. GOLD!! Can you guys imagine, strolling and walking your dog on a gold street. Jesus agreed to leave that wealth, when God told him to, for one purpose only. To free us from all the hard to remember laws and step into a new level… grace… the grace of Love… God’s love. This was what His teachings were all about.

Then the next big step was His death. There had to be an exchange still. The eaten apple was the proof of our accepting the devil’s leading… it was the devil’s receipt in a way. His receipt that he owned us because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

 We also needed a receipt to shove in the devil’s face and say “LOOK HERE!! I am not yours… I am God’s.” Because the devil doesn’t just come for a tea party. He comes with sickness and poverty and oppression and any other thing that kills, destroys and robs us of our joy and honour.

And so Jesus was accused, mocked, flogged and died for us. And he shed his blood as our new receipt. He basically took, physically, all the oppression the devil had for us.

But it didn’t stop there. He wrestled for His release from the devil’s hand. AND won. So, Jesus isn’t still working hard to pay off our debts… or being a suitable slave for the devil so that the devil will leave us… He HAS PAID!! So we ARE free! The minute you believe Jesus died for you to be free from the devil, you are free. He shed his blood for me and you… why? Because God SOO loved us and wants us enjoying his grace, he had his only most holy sinless son killed because of you and me.

That’s what Christmas is…. It’s the day the physical proof of God’s love for you and I entered the world…

Do you guys feel as excited as I feel?? As in, God will rather kill his son than have you suffering under satan. that’s all… it’s not about what you wear or do or any of those basic things we people are programmed to view as christainly or righteous.

I’m not perfect, no one is…I’ll try, but I’ll still  do stupid shit. I’m only human. I’m not your example, no one is… but we can try by living right. Me, i believe that man will always fall your hand. Don’t read this and expect to see the perfect christian sister in my other blog posts and later start going… and she did… and she said…  i will only continue my imperfect walk with God and you will remain lost to the world and satan. Facts only people.

Only Jesus is perfect. He’s the perfect example…  I pray this message illuminates your life as it has mine…. this writing was inspired and I will read it again and again.

Have a beautiful christmas you guys… God loves you plenty, and you better believe it!!

Merry Christmas Y'all   Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!


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