Christmas breakfast: DIY shawarma.. Or as i now call them, food in blankets

I love shawarma. I love it almost as much as i love a cup of cold gari, a bottle of fresh yo (formerly smoozy. Note to blue band, i HATE the new name) and mr. Biggs meatpie. Almost.
In fact, the only reason I don’t love it as much are because it is messy to eat outside AND it is expensive.


Looks yummy doesn’t it…. It IS that yummy. Usually…
The first time i ever bought shawarma it went for like 300 naira that was wayyy back. I was around 17 then. Now it goes for around 1000 – 1200!!
*pause for dramatic gasp*

And for something that is too messy to even eat out? Not worth it… And When i say messy, i mean wiping off your lip stick and replacing it with anything in the food type messy and falling apart in your hand and dripping on your clothes type of messy.

So today, i finally went about trying to make it myself.

Main ingredient is the pita bread… Its flat and comes in a pack of between four and six.


The rest actually depend on you…
For this one, i went with what was in the house basically. Couple of vegetables, meat, egg and chicken.

First of all, I had green pepper, onions, tomato, red pepper, fried up in a little oil with thyme and salt.


Corned beef was boiled… Chicken was boiled… Eggs were boiled. All this was part of the christmas breakfast menu oh, so I was pretty much making all this already.

I shredded some chicken and added a little of the beef to the frying vegetables, added a little from the chicken stock so it wouldn’t be too dry or too wet either.

I mashed my egg, put it on the bread, then added the sauce and warmed it all in the microwave for a little.

You see why i call it food in blanket?? Looking so cozy… Then i rolled it up and had myself some soup and fish to go with it.


I have never felt fuller guys… And it’s all perfectly healthy too!!
Next time, i’m gonna try suya and sausage with salad with mayo. To healthy affordable eating guyzz ^_^

Sneak peek at popsi… as soon as food was ready, he didn’t even wait for anyone.. Loool.


Hope you guys had plenty yumminess to celebrate the day with too. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Christmas breakfast: DIY shawarma.. Or as i now call them, food in blankets”

  1. Hi five on the shawarma love!
    You come here, I’ll feed you shawarma that costs 400 naira πŸ˜›
    But yeah it might be a little different here. More meaty, less vegetably, for one.

    Let’s put this on the list of things you can make for me when I come visit. πŸ˜€

    1. Whoop!! I can’t wait.
      But I have to say, I love the more meaty variety…
      I hope you’re there when I’m finallynable ti come over ohh…
      Do you remember that this time ladt year, your christmas card that never arrived journeyed over.. 😦

      1. I hope so too. πŸ™‚

        Man, of course I remember. Maybe they don’t get enough mails to send to Nigeria, so they chucked mine into the Arabian Sea instead of making the effort of sending across ONE. πŸ˜›
        Seriously though, makes me distrust the postal system here 😦

  2. LOL! I absolutely love shawarma!!!! *singing* *my love for shawarma will never die*
    …so I invested so much money to the shawarma place near my crib that I’m sure the guy has built a house. I got tired of buying and went ahead to get the ingredients for it. Funny the only major thing you need is the pita bread. U’ll usually find the rest at home
    I make it every other day and experiment with diff flavours and spices. I’ve tried so many stuff with it. You can literally put anything in it to suit your taste. I even make it better than the place I bought them from. Very close to mastering the art of making a shawarma.
    Thumbs up!

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