i’m sorry guys

I want to apologise to my male readers…pretty sure you didn’t sign up for food-making procedures or hair stuff when you filled your mail-details to follow this blog… you probably wonder why I don’t just open other blogs. Like,

for hair stuff:,

For food;


It’s because I’ll forget about any other blog. I have a tumblr and a blogspot blog… both lying fallow, and sheltering wild animals.

You should see me when I’m trying to put in passwords, I can’t even remember the name of one!!!

Nah, i’m a one girl, one blog kinda girl,and this blog is the official center of excellence for me to spew my guts. And besides, y’all get to see how normal I am too!! Isn’t that a treat!!!

It isn’t, I know. I’m sorry guys. On the silverlining side, it’s not a fashion blog… yet.

… but if there’s anything you actually like that I can do…stories, certain types of posts, whatever, hit a sister up in the comment box. 🙂



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