kissing frogs

I’m having kissing withdrawals people….it’s a pathetic syndrome endured by the single-folk when they’re lips hasn’t “seen” some “action” in a while. That while for me is June.

“Just get a bloody boyfriend” i hear some of you mutter… yes, well, I’m having this desire to not even kiss again till my wedding day…

*leaves space for you guys to gasp in horror and shock*

…Which is a very very verrrry far away day (in Jesus name. Amen)… so this ailment has no end. And to think there was at time I planned my first kiss to be at the altar in my white gown… a memo I forgot to get across to Omelette before he did the “honours”.

This is why I will never have sex… till marriage of course… duh.

After people ask and scream the “OH MY GOD! YOU’RE A VIRGIN! YOU’RE A LIAR! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Or Omelette’s favourite question; “are you scared?” …And finally ask why… it’s an easy reply.

Nah, I’m not dropping the “I’m a Christian” line people… this has never had anything to do with my christian-walk.. this is purely selfish.

Sex, to me, is just overly intimate… it’s sharing myself. Ultimately. It’s me naked and all… that sumptuous sight isn’t for more than one person oh. LOOOL.

I have played with fire and spent nights at Omelette’s place… same room, same bed, cuddled together. But he’s decent and accepted my no. Every. Damn. time. I was lucky…not all girls are that lucky… it just starts with a touch really, by consent or not.

So,my naughty lips can pucker till they fall off… no more kisses…only asteriks :* 🙂



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