erm… what day is it???

Rolling from one corner of my matress on the floor…

Nowhere to hurry to, no need to hurry too.

 Reading, sleeping, writing, TV-ing… 

these are just a few things I love about the holidays.


Why do I sleep on the floor, you ponder irritatedly, 

So I won’t have to lay my bed, you goof,

Afterall it IS the holidays.


Staying home all day, Piling up laundry ignored…

no need for clothes, no need for a bathe

what’s not to love about the holidays?


So many people to visit, so much food to eat,

AND No traffic in sight.


Hallelujah somebody!!!


Not caring about the extra kilograms on the scale

That’s what new year is for..

To resolute my way into greatness!

I’ll pause while you yawn over my yearly “new year , new me”

Its a special season to be jolly, dear reader.

I L♥ve the holidays!



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