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my eyes are up here, sir.

Yesterday, one of my former suitors, of sometime back, branched by. I was in 300 level when we met and he had just started working.

I didn’t like him.

He had this annoying habit of getting jealous over stuff like we were going out, AND he whined too much about me not calling or wanting to hang out AND he was always trying to put my boy-friend down for been in school with me, AND he oozed horniness… or something that made me feel that “nah.. never be alone with this dude”.

He hasn’t changed.

Throughout the chitchat, dude’s eyes were speaking with my boobs.

My boobs were embarrassed and back-stepped into my backbone till I was a hunched figure on the side of the road talking to him. Thank God he’s car covered me a bit. It was so weird, like what was he looking at gangan? Those two little mounds…? Really?!

You people know I don’t have much going on in the chest department… (click here for my rant on my boobs -> ).. Rick Ross has more going on than I do.

Plus, I don’t even like gettingĀ stared at. Dude just combined the two and had a filled day.

Imagine if I was boobier than I am. Just imagine. Like a C or D cups, OR horror of horrors, a DD Basket?! Big baggy tops will be my portion oh… I’ll now be packing boobs that have people like;

Person: “hey Taiwo’s booooooooooooooobs, hey Taiwo,” or

Person: “Hi Taiwo, I saw your boob come in 2 minutes ago” or

Person: “Welcome to my home Taiwo, been waiting for you, your boobs are already making sandwiches in the kitchen,” Or

Person: “there are two people drowning in the pool!!”

Attendant: “But we have only One life vest!!”

Person: “no wait, don’t worry about the first, her boobs are holding her up…”

… on the other hand that last one ain’t so bad at all. If Rose, in The Titanic movie, had had a bit more padding in her bossoms, I won’t need an armory of tissue to watch that movie.


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