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resolution 2014, lowkey supported by niké… Just Do It.

So it’s a new year and it still has that new cloth smell… I have plans, I have resolutions…. people are so against them, I don’t get. How can you measure what you’ve done or not done without a conscious decision. Well, honestly, I don’t care about anybody else, it’s your life innit?

Do you, because ama do me.

Anyway, because I already have a basic picture of what I want when I turn 25. My goals for the year are really just the stepping stones to it.

1. Workout 4 times a week. Flat tummy is not by abracadabra.

2. Always have a christian book to read.

3. List out your friends names somewhere. Know them, Take care of them.

4. Less time on twitter. If you wanna waste time stroll around. Don’t stay cooped up. No one’s gonna steal you.

5. Get your big L on and start letting to drive.

6. Attend more human resource development conferences.

7. Take an hour before bed (10 or 11) to meditate on the day and write down things you are thankful for (I read this on my friend’s, tiemibix, blog and I’m applying it for myself all year.

8. Remember the fro and keep her nourished with multivitamins, moisture and oils.

9. Go out on more dates.

10. Develop a healthy eating regimen.

11. Always have a bottle of water in your bag.

12. Work on your relationship with God.

13. Keep the nails uneaten.

14. Remember date-nights with God and don’t be late.

15. Learn to sew.

16. Take yourself out to relax every three weeks.

17. Reduce the shopping. More clothes 18. Write your shopping wishlist for the year sha. Because you will still shop. Just keep to the list.

19. Save 20% of all inflow.

20. Pay your 10% tithe. #NeverForgetOrPostpone.

21. Spend 10% for people in need.

22. Keep a journal of your spendings. TRY!

23. Have a morning routine: pray, read, exercise, eat.


Might add more later, but yeah, this is the plan. Benjamin Franklin once said that it takes 13 weeks to develop a habit, good or bad. I have 52 weeks. There are No not the answer.




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