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A couple of Sundays ago, I was listening in on Bishop T. D. Jakes’ preaching on 102.3 inspiration fm. For that day, his sermon was basically answering questions put forward by his congregation. I thought that to be pretty cool.

I had tuned in late, so the one question I got was; if i don’t pay my tithes, will I go to hell?

The answer: No… and he gave the reasons.

People have asked me if I can ever pastor a church… the answer is “No.” Why? Because if I were in the Bishop’s church, these are probably the questions you’d have heard:

  1. Are christians allowed to wear shorts? A lady in my church told me I shouldn’t wear my slightly-above-the-knee shorts when we’re going preaching and I laughed and kept wearing ’em. Because I like shorts. And God gave me great legs.

  2. Are christians allowed to want piercings? Mine has closed, and I wanna re-open it, because. It, is. Awesome.
  3. Are christians allowed to party? Because I like going to parties, and dancing. Its fuuuuun.
  4. What if a random dude decides to grind you at said party, is breaking his head with a bottle of anointing oil holy enough?
  5. What music will be played at a christian party? And does two words “christian” and “party” don’t look happy to be side by side,
  6. Do christians ever really have fun… like real REAL fun? I mean, I have fun. A lot. Am I , per chance, not christianly enough?
  7. Is it weird that I don’t like when guys treat church like a singles-mingle forum?.. like all girls in church that are single are praying for marriage… I want a puppy. A job. My apartment. first.
  8. Why is dressing up for church such a big thing in my head? Like it’s a date…
  9. How does God overcome the urge to make us do stupid things so he can laugh at our expense?… if I was God, i would… I’d make your hand slap your own face while you’re talking to your boss… maybe add a fart too… 🙂
  10. Is it weird I don’t like been to friendly with churchies (church people)? The average churchie is over bearing and judgemental… I don’t think they fart… probably explains why their head is clogged with…. oh look, a butterfly…

6 thoughts on “hmmmnn….”

  1. LooooooooooooL. Would it be appropriate if I call you a fart?

    Those questions are hilarious.

    Some have them are good ones though.
    People need to realize that living a wholesome christian life is a matter of conviction. Hence, what might be wrong for one person might not ‘necessarily’ be for another.

    Still, there’s a clause. Somewhere in the Bible, Paul says that “if meat would make my brother fall, I wouldn’t eat meat.” Eating meat definitely isn’t wrong, but, in all that we do. The next person must be considered.
    Afterall, Christianity is an act of sacrifice.

    1. Really…, me sef, I remember the oart of the bible that says we all have our crosses to bear.. so if bros wants to be a vegetarian…. his cross is probably me eating suya, asun,,, barbeque chicken with that.. and please, can I have a sausage with all that? ●_●

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