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The ijebu guide to a good ass date (part 1)

So, last week, a really good friend and I were talking and this really cool idea came up that I take the boo (mine) on a date… Her boo is receiving the silent treatment for neglecting his duties…
Anyway, I was busy contemplating what to do… Where… How many weeks it’ll take to save up for it… What to sell from my parent’s house to make this dream a reality…  When I ran into… BHAM!!

That’s like getting two thousand worth of stuff at the mall for just two hundred naira … WHAAAAAATTTTT?!
I’ve already paid for it. As a smart sharp ijebu girl. Hehehe.

I have NO idea of what to buy for the date yet… Or where… But i have a two thousand naira coupon processing in the dealdey office and I thought, why not make it a challenge… #superbDateAtUnderTwoThousand??

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! “what would I get with =N=2000 to spend on a date?

They do other crazy deals oh! Hair salons, Chinese meals, massages, pedicures, play station consoles, phones… I even saw a thorough house cleaning thingie. It’s a whole range people!… Click this link if you stay in Nigeria and you want in->

I’m a sucker for pinching pennies Kobos and N so, I’m sold in and signed up!!!

P.S. Notice how i slipped in a boo… Yes… That happened too. I call him Pineapple ‘cos his fruity. 🙂
and the blog name is back to… didn’t work out… so we’re over 😦

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