This #fitfam life

Dear readers,
As was written to you in my resolution 2014, I’m meant to be enroute a flat ass belly come december. How’s it going, you ask? (Shakes head slowly) … Not so good guys and that’s a damn shame.
I started the whole exercise thing good oh and it wasn’t doing nothing on a nigga really. Like i felt good and all, but feeling good is not on my resolution 2014… Abs are. After reading up and remembering my flat-belly of secondary school, turns out the way forward is watching my food… Not just eating right oh, Eating the right portions of the right things…proteins, vegetables, fruits, water and all that.
Portion control is as hard as getting off your bed to run and exercise on the road in the morning… Every morning. Harder sef.
So, I’m concentrating on the portion-control for now. When that’s done, i’ll incorporate the silly exercises. Then i’ll be well on my way. And by december, y’all will see my flat abs in my 2-piece suit. #weWait.

Yours in sweat and careful feeding,
The drunk archer.

P.s who else smelled bullshit in that beyoncé’s video.. Pretty hurts?? I mean these people gym on a steady and come out with their great bodies, using tape to hold in, hold up and hold down.. and well made up perfect faces that costs an arm a leg and a whole lot of parts and start singing Pretty hurts like some feminist movement. FOH!!
Yes!! Pretty fucking hurts, nothing in life comes easy mehn… Some do… But the majority don’t… Look at me i want abs, sweat for it. I want really long hair (more on that later), sweat for it. I wish i could love a swollen belly and look like honey Boo Boo’s mum… But truly i don’t want to… I wanna be the best me!!


5 thoughts on “This #fitfam life”

  1. Hang in there!! I would love to help you if you have a certain weightloss/muscle gain/tone goal, i can really help you out with creating a customized plan for you! they’re extremely affordable right now, just $12-20 for a consultation and one month coaching!! results are seen in just a few weeks!
    My coaching consists of IIFYM, you can still have your ice cream too–> i point out that there are certain times you are supposed to be eaten certain foods.

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