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Another breakup and other things that crack

So today’s gonna be…. I don’t know yet, give me time. I’ve not posted anything on this before because on friday, Pineapple suddenly said “Pineapple”. Just like that! I was gubsmacked. Who told him? How? I wasn’t sure how he had somehow found out my blog address or/ and my twitter account and known about his nickname so, i kept mute… Mute and coded, and censored my tweets. Can’t have him knowing that shit would probably be getting real.

But yesterday, after threatening to treat his fuck up if he didn’t tell me who told him the blog address and my twitter account Asking him if he knew the addresses… Turns out he didn’t…. Which is going to be a problem because he’ll ask why I don’t want him to know them.. Bleh… Bleh.. Bleh… Mehn.. I’ll cross that river when the dam breaks.

Anyways back to what is going down today…
I’m breaking up with Pineapple…

Yeah… I donno if i can do this anymore. Relationships are stressful guys! I should just stay single for a while. I’m sad… Thought i could do this… But I can’t. Hope he won’t feel too bad. I really like him… He’s annoying funny laugh, his prickle hair… but I can’t do this… I just can’t. 😦

Anyways, i usually give my exes eggs when i breakup with them… Something to remember me by. Saw this online, so Pineapple’s egg is in for a treat.


Now replace that note with “APRIL FOOL BOO!!! :*”

Hehehe!!! Have a long day of foolery, people!!! Let’s take a minute from our days to pray that Pineapple doesn’t kill me today.


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