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How to love mondays… See a pineapple (not mine.. Yours)


Monday.. *vomits*
Last week was nothing-doing-so-do-whatever-you-want week. And now, today begins with sewing classes. Work always looks worst once you’ve basked in the bosom of abject laziness. Breathe if you want me to skip this class.

One thing will make my monday a good day. One word… One fruit… Pineapple. I hope to God I don’t sound as mushy as I think I do right now. I’m pretty sure i do.
Dear God, protect me from my boyfriend and my tendency to obsess and think and smile about every little thing he does (like his laugh.. Cutest most annoying laugh in the world).

update 1:Ijebu guide to a good ass date” is still in the works, i’m picking the shopping coupon tomorrow. I’ve been thinking of a picnic-themed date; little activity, eat, gist, laugh. But..!!
BREAKING NEWS: the only place to do picnics in Lagos are beaches… We have NO parks. None. Zilch. Nada.
I’m not driving from the mainland to the island to eat on a beach then drive all the way back. No sireee. Not this archer. So, I’m still scoping and searching. Worst gets to worst we’ll have a home cinema of some movie at his place, i’ll bring the food and drinks and we’ll call it a day.
How can we not have a park? Dogs even have parks in the abroad…

update 2: Remember that bravado post about how i wasn’t kissing anyone till wedding day?
Out the window people.
Pineapple said it’s selfish.. Pineapple said i should have mercy… So i have, because I really love him kissing me I’m really considerate like that. 😉

I think lovey-dovey looks good on me, it really brings out the colour of my eyes.


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