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hairier and bleh

This week. My colleagues at sewing school realized my hair was natural. Or “nachi” as the less mannered ones would say.

Last week and this week have been galore after galore of hearing nonsense and trying to dumb myself down to accommodate them.


Colleague 1: is your hair dada? (My hair was combed and packed oh)

me: *makes cricket sound*

this is My hair
this is My hair
this is dada
this is what dada looks like. the hair.



colleague: your hair…. relax it now… or are you afraid?

 Me:Of what? That my hair will revolt and try to choke me to death?


Colleague 3: are you a deeper lifer?

Another colleague: her ears are pierced and she wears trousers. try and use your brain a little.

typical deeper life person.


Colleague 4: can you ever do your hair?

Another colleague: she has had attachment in her hair twice… which kind of question are you asking.?


Colleague 5: I have a good relaxer, Dr. Miracle, it will straighten your hair one-time!

Me: thanks, good to know.


These are just a few oh! My spirit man and I had a good hearty laugh over them in my spirit man.

I don’t know what gets this people so worked up about having natural hair… makes their skin breakout and have their balls itch. Its a sore bone with them. Hair salons that you’ll expect no discrimination have their pre-programmed “your hair is due” speech. ‘Due’ is the abbreviation for “Due to be changed from a curly afro to straight hair.” And all through trying to get your hair done with them will be mutters and complains and ‘poor you’ and “it must suck to be a deeper-lifer.”

Then the ones that actually know how to handle natural hair without pity and wishing it was relaxed, charge an arm, a leg and two pieces of land.

You just can’t win.


6 thoughts on “hairier and bleh”

  1. Arghhh! Don’t you just hate these questions??
    I just smile or not answer until they feel silly. Like I’m giving you advice on taking out your 3 month old Indian remy hair.

  2. Why is it a big deal if your is natural? I thought it looked perfectly nice in the first photo! I supposed relaxed hair makes it easier for you to manage them, but it’s not impossible with natural hair, is it?

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