so far, so good | 01

Driving: more often. I haven’t hit anyone!
Eating: scrambled eggs, onions and pepper with grapes on the side every morning. #Health.
Cooking: up plans for my debut into the fashion  segment of my blogging.
Drinking: lots of water is a good idea only if you’re sure the toilet flushes. Lessons learned.
Reading: the richest man in Babylon by George Clason. Fave read of the year alert!
Wanting: a white top with something sassy in black written on it. To wear with my tweed pencil skirt.
Looking: forward to my flat tummy now that I’ve started exercising again.
Playing: “XO” by beyonce, “tennis court”  by Lorde, “still within the flow”  by Efe.
Wasting: my time with series… little cuts of 20 minutes add up to 3 hours before you blink!
Wishing: things had worked out better with Pineapple so, I won’t be feeling like something was wrong with me. My first bf called me “breakup expert” when i told him. 😦

Knowing: that there’s no point getting mad over stuff, just take precautions against it happening again.
Enjoying: my body more and more. Someone said I have Kim K’s shape! Huge!!
Liking: the idea of having a new phone. anytime now, God.
Loving: old friends, new friends and everyone in between.
Marveling: at just how much of clothes I’d have in my wardrobe once I become a tailor and get to DIY-ing.
Wearing: a pair of brown leather loafers everywhere. IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING.

ImageTrying: to be more grateful to God for everything.
Retaining: length on my hair. I just might win $100 come December.
Noticing: that time flies when you’re not using it.
Hoping: for a better relationship with God.
smiling: because, i have a two thousand naira voucher all for me now. No more Ijebu guide to a good ass date.
Learning: to save my money.
Realizing: I need a real source of income.
Thinking: about spending this weekend with some friends. Far, far away from home and cooking.
Missing: having someone to play with all the time.
Feeling: confused and hopeful.

looking: for a way to set up booby traps and slow May down. April ran away before I could blink!


5 thoughts on “so far, so good | 01”

  1. Brown loafers are the best! Although my all-time-footwear of the moment are flip-flops. Heh.

    Please, you’re no breakup expert, he’s just being a jerk. Your feelings are involved too! And if it’s not working, it’s not working. You need to do a lot of trial and error until you find your soul mate 😉

    And, which series are you wasting your time on currently? Me, New Girl. 😛

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