So far, So Good | 02

Listening to Raging fire by Phillips Phillips.

Eating very healthy food and I’m not even forcing myself.

Working-out in the morning and night now. Its awesome!

Having Bishop Oyedepo teach me about mastering Faith.

Bishop Oyedepo Celebrating Jesus

Remembering to pray more often.

Taking guys a whole less serious. because… Waste of time.

Sharing new insight on The Word Jesus left us with my best-friend.

Feeling optimistic about life. I’ve come a long way from suicidal thoughts at 17. thank God.

Acknowledging God for every good thing that happens to me.

Learning to share myself a little more with people.

Trying to not stay pissed at my twin brother. he really knows how to get on your last nerves.

Looking at old pictures and seeing how crazy-long my nails got. i wonder how I washed stuff.


Loving my hair like mad! it’s been out for two weeks now and I’m not even thinking of new hairstyles.

Hoping to be good at sewing really soon. I have sooo many clothes to work on!

Saving my 10% diligently. Richest man in Babylon is a definite must-read by all.

Obeying what my spider-senses tell me about people.

Watching cartoons. A lot. My brain cells are crying.


Buying thrift. Awesomest!

Craving a pair of black boots. because greed.

Remembering that God is ALL you need to have ALL your needs met.



4 thoughts on “So far, So Good | 02”

  1. She finally takes Guyz seriously? A mighty Hurrah for that. And suicidal thoughts, well, from experience they can be very suicidal, (duh!), Thank God we’ve gone past that phase tho’

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