Do bettter

A few days ago, as i waited outside the house for my brother to open the gate, i looked in the rear-view mirror to check if my black eye-pencil had lasted the seven hours I had been out.
It hadn’t.
Then I saw them. Four boys advancing towards the car. A bit in front of three was a fat huge boy; he spotted a mohawk. They all wore singlets, tattoos and i could see ear-rings sparkling.
i immediately pressed the buttons that locked all the car doors and made to call my brother to not open the gate yet. My heart was in my throat as my network provider’s automated voice told me that there was a network problem. I calmed myself down with what I had read of Isaiah 56 that day. I would be safe. But, deep inside, i was a little scared.
With barely a glance at me, the four of them walked past and continued down the street…
I’m not proud of my eyes, brain and mentality.
Do better, Archer. Do. Better.


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