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Wuru-wuru to the answer aka cutting corners

Hairinfinity has come to Nigeria.


For y’all that don’t know, hairfinity is a medication that makes hair grow more and healthily at the cheap rate of eight thousand Naira or about 50 dollars monthly.
I kid.
That’s like two new shoes or two new bags or some clothes or a whole bunch of things on sales. And you’re dolling it all out hair that grows free of charge… Like paying for air because a floral-scented one has been developed.
My relaxer-free hair clocked two years in April. It’s 95% natural now. And it’s longer than it has ever been IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! It has crossed shoulder-length! I’ve never felt my hair where it is right now before.
AND taking care of it is just as stressful. Detangling, pre-poos, twist outs, hair-wash days… I can go on…
For these hairfinitians who can’t take care of their normal hair and suddenly hope to pop in this magic pills that’ll make it all awesome. I give them giggles and hahas. When it doesn’t work as well and gives them pimples and breakouts, I add doubling over and laughing my lungs out.

… And yeah, from investigation, it’s a glorified prenatal drug and makes your pee smell like fumes from hell. Other things you can use for your hair for hair growth: bull’s sperm (don’t ask me how they get it) and onions (as though cutting them doesn’t get you teary-eyed enough).
But i have a competition to win by december, who knows? I just might get myself some prenatal drugs. *strokes chin*


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