Welcome back, you sexy whitie you!!

The washing machine is back! He’s been admitted for over 4 weeks. But now, he’s back! I’ve felt so lonely without him and My hands are so happy to have him back. This must be what love feels like.
Washing is so sucky. I’m pretty sure the first thing I’ll start saving up to buy once I move-out is a washing machine. You can survive without a cooker; water, biscuit, gari… You’re good. But dirty clothes? You CANNOT survive with dirty clothes.
There should be a disorder about been disgusted when clothes you’ve worn touch your clean ones.
I have it.
It’s called disgust.

Clean, ironed clothes… That’s my thing… My whole room can be buried deep in dirty crusted plates of half eaten food. But, as far as my clothes smell like sunshine and are crease-free, i can sleep well at night. To each their own I guess… Everyone has their own iffy tidbits. It’s what makes us all awesome and different in our own way I guess.


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