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Taking pictures 101

Remember when I said I’d be posting my fashion stuff on here? Well, that hasn’t changed except that I am TERRIBLE at pictures. That effortless chic thing? Completely over my head.
Do people learn this?
How to stand?
How to look down?
How to look into the distance the future is bright and they can see it?
How to look away from the camera like the paparazzi took the picture?

I’m totally awkward at it. I bet if I’d joined instagram I’d be good at this…

Like, This past week, i got myself a yellow bag and I was going to do a post with it. How yellow bags are the new totes and such. Took some pictures with it.
The pictures brought bile to my throat when I looked at them Like village girl meets nice setting… It was worse actually. And i knew, “Houston, we have a problem”.
Good thing I haven’t started my sewing yet. I’d have been in a helluva fix. Having to beg people to model my things and such… I hope not… I really want to use me for this (vanity)

But sewing classes have been going great! I feel i might have a talent.
Best. Feeling. Ever.
On the side, i’ve been stocking on thrift clothes to work on once I’m good enough…DIYs, re-modelling clothes, that kinda thing. Those will probably kick off first before I start my REAL sewing. Loads to look forward to for me, and hopefully for you too. Stay tuned. 🙂


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