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Work it out!

I haven’t worked out all last week.
I’m being lazy.
Then i remembered, at the end of the year, y’all are gonna get a bikini pix… Avēc flat belly or not. And these meme-ing people have no chill at all. Can’t have my picture trend on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
No sireee… So next week, we begin again and hopefully, we’ll stay at it all through to December.

Just out of curiousity, does anyone enjoy working out? Maybe it’s one of those things you do because you have to, not because you like it but because of the result…
Nobody “likes” seeing their menses.. It’s painful and makes everyone and everything around you smell stinky… Makes you feel dirty and grimy. But when you don’t see it… It’s like, “oh my God! What’s happening”… For Normal people though.
I love when I don’t see mine… It’s like christmas. My friend told me it’s because I’m not having sex with anyone that I enjoy it… That when she missed her period, she nearly went mad. She and her boyfriend.. All in tears and praying she wasn’t preggers. She wasn’t but. That ‘s another story though.
How can I enjoy working out more? HELP ME!!!


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