Gearing up

It’s 2am and I’m still up, waiting for light to do a bit more work on my machine amd a little bit of cutting before morning. So, I thought, why not clear out the dirt that has settled in the ol’ Blogdom.

Y’all shouldn’t mind me, It’s been a busy couple of Weeks. In

 a good way though. twenty-four hours barely cuts it these days.. or maybe it’s those short days-shorter nights thing. Either way, there is no time for everything as Solomon said. There are just seasons of joggling different sets of balls. Trying not to neglect any… that’s where I am.

Anyway, I’m gearing up to start up my sewing capades. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m a lot more excited than weighed-down. Which is pretty awesome…. This has been a loooooooong time coming.

I’m starting off with a mini-project we were given to sew a skirt and blouse at school a week or thereabout ago.



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