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When life hands you someone’s iPad…

A month ago, I told you guys I’ld be introducing my fashion and sewing onto this blog… As you can see, from the masses of cobwebs I had to trample through to get this post to you guys; you can obviously see how bad that has gone.
Sadly, for now, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel… At least not till I get a tablet or a new phone or wifi for my television of a laptop.
So, i just have to make do till then. I’ve been keeping a record of fabrics i’ve bought. I could have posted them here, but we know how selfish apple devices are, no bluetooth and all. And the roundabout of posting them from my phone on Facebook and downloading them with my dad’s iPad to download the pictures is errr…. No. Not to talk of the fact that this isn’t my device so, I can’t work with it all the time
So there are lots of pending updates and blog posts:
An intro to an awesome ankara products company, the very first top i made (which i wore to church some weeks back), a cute-sexy dress I wore to a wedding on Tuesday (where I ran into both Omelette AND pineapple… Two of my exes. P.s. I totally have a crush on Pineapple; is that normal? Having a crush on someone you broke up with…? He was just SO cute and treated me all princessy… LOL. I’m so fickle)
Anyways this invitation came some days back:



I’ve gotten three yards of black sequin material to make a short cute dress to wear for that… I know my mum will say it’s a dark color… But please… Black sequins are awesome!
I should show you a picture but the pictures of it are coming out crappy. Apparently, my phone which can’t open two tabs at once takes better pictures than iPad. Imagine.
I hope you all are great and in good health. Welcome to August, have a great month!


6 thoughts on “When life hands you someone’s iPad…”

  1. Hey! I’m really curious to see your dress and top! I’ve always been a bit envious of those who can sew, because you can quickly (and cheaply :P) get yourself a new wardrobe, alter old things into ultra fashionable items, and so on. 😀

  2. i thought Ipad’s had the bluetooth feature #just saying
    and ou are now exes with PINEAPPLE!!!!!!!!!!! wat is exactly the reason you breakup
    P.S how doyou come about these names omellette & pineapple

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