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Getting comfy with Judy

After a week of not doing shit, I set out saturday to my favorite thrift shop. It’s been months I’ve done it. Buying materials and fabrics can really lighten your wallet and I’m not even joking.
Anyways, it was dirt cheap price at her shop so there’s lots more to see: dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, jackets. I took my time. Besides buying, there are new designs to see on those that are too expensive to buy; checking how they are put together, trying on some and of course getting a cute find.
It’s fun.
It’ll actually be a lot more fun if she could close up the shop till I’d come and gone because women… Women are ruthless at these things. Some are just there to hunger for what you’ve already picked. Glaring at you as you try it on, ready to tell you it looks like crap just so you could drop it and then they’ll tote it off like a wrestling belt before you can blink. And God bless you one of them drops off by mistake. They’re on it like white on rice. I’m not even kidding. I once had the shop owner’s own mum ‘pilfer’ a sweater i picked but that’s another story.
But beautifully, that saturday wasn’t such a day.
I found myself advising some married lady there to get a grey high-waist trouser she had tried on but wasn’t sure about. She had just had a baby and her belly was still going in. But, her real issue seemed to be she thought her ass was too out there.
As Patron Saint of the high-waist trend, I gave her every tidbit I could how it enhanced her look, gave her booty a more attractive rounded look. She wasn’t dissuaded to get that particular trouser, but she DID get another high-waist and handed the grey to me. Win-Win!
It felt good to have someone much older listen to my advice, it felt better been able to know that I’m beginning to identify what looks good on other people.
The absolute best? Realizing how much more comfy I am with the bit of booty The good Lord gave me to protect than I was just 2-3 years back. Ironic.


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