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We searched high and low for this… The real most valued player…. For this week. I lie. I started the search this morning. I lie again. An hour ago.
Modern Family writers are the awesomest. Their actors rock, but the writers? Those guys? WOW.
If you haven’t watched this TV show, you need to drop your device, and go watch it. Whilst at it, you should probably also get a time-machine and move back to the Stone Age… You’ll fit right in and, if you’re lucky, you’ll probably find the stone you belong under.


Then my friend told me about this witchcraft called ‘body magic’.


Here I am, trying to exercise and eat well. And just look at that. Its a sort of underwear corset. And you get all your perfect curves once you put it on. WITCHCRAFT!
I wonder how their husbands feel. Takes a strong man to watch his blurb of a wife roll off the bed, her love handles shaking in the wind, layer upon layer of dough resting on each other as she sits up. Each jiggle of fat causing a minor tremor as she disappears into the bathroom. Grunts and gasps emerge from this locked door… Maybe even a sounds of things tumbling and falling around. Husband sits up a bit; he is worried. And then his ex-lumpy wife steps out, all curved up and is this sexy vixen that all the man them whistle as she walks by.


The husband that walks with his wife amongst the whistles and catcalls without rolling his eyes or having a “you-donno-what-i-know” smirk on his face. That guy… He’s the Real MVP.


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