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Where does it end?!!!!

This year, i have bought 3 bags.
– One teal slouchy bag
-one yellow structured mid-size bag and the latest addition,
-a beautiful structured tote tan and dark choclate brown mix.
With this very last one. I told myself, Ms. Drunk Archer, it’s over for the year. What more can one need?
A red bag at the very most I guessed. Oh foolish archer…

On the way home today, my goggly eyes fell on a warm brown mini-sized bag. (DAMN THOSE GREEDY CORNEAS). As i held it gently in my warm embrace, willing a torn portion to emerge so I could drop it and leave that problem to the next girl.
Not only did I NOT see any tattered leather on the brown, I saw another mini structured dark blue patent leather bag! What are the odds of that?!
And people still think the devil doesn’t exist….


4 thoughts on “Where does it end?!!!!”

  1. Lool I saw this brogue shoe today… Or no I have been seeing it for over two weeks now.. But today it called my Name 😱… I just pray as I go to visit it tomorrow,it would have shrunk past my size or expanded beyond my legs…

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