Aren’t you a curious son of a bitch?

I kid…. Dogs don’t read.
………………………………………….. You get?

Curiosity, they say, kills the cat. ..
A human being really followed and documented a cat’s daily movement till it did something abnormal and died? Cats that allegedly have 9 lives? So, said human followed this cat do death-defying stunts 8 times till it finally died.
I think the human was so angry the eighth death wasn’t real, he just snapped in the brain (if he had a brain at all) and killed the unfortunate cat out of frustration.
A curious friend went through my diary today. She wanted to see:

OMG! I saw this cute boy today… Totally checking me out and i was totally checking him out, and then he was coming to talk to me.. My stomach started rumbling as he sat across me and then, i farted. 😥

But instead she saw:

September 9
1. Buy white zip
2. Soak beans
3. Call Tunu.
4. Ask Seun about his hard-drive.
5. buy two and a half yards of raw silk.

She says i killed her vibe.


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