I’m sorry, mr. Atheist… I can’t take you seriously.

I am a liberal Christian. I have no idea if such a sect exists in Christianity or if I’m just looking for an excuse as to why I stuff my conscience in my wallet and enjoy watching South-park.
If you’ve ever watched South-park, you’ll understand. If you haven’t?
There’s a scene that has them saying performance-enhancing drugs were found on Jesus shroud…. Meaning Jesus didn’t die for our sins; he was just very high.

And still, i watch it. Because, it’s just jokes. Duh.

So, when I ran into some series on sahara reporters trying to talk about the church I attend, Living Faith Chapel, and find some fault in Bishop Oyedepo in as an amusing a way as they could find…but, It wasn’t funny. At all.
… Till i got to the end, where they wrote the writers name. I saw beside his name “atheist”…
That totally made up for the boringness I just read.
Atheists that sit outside monkeys’ cages waiting for it to to turn into a human being for a living? Puhleazzze…



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