I almost died today, and i’m not even shitting you.

This is not to say, this is my first near death experience.
I almost died by drowning as a kid on the bar-beach.
I almost died from Lockjaw after having a rusty 3-inch nail in my leg for two weeks when I was a teen.
I almost got hit whilst crossing an 8-lane express way, two years back.

But this… This was different. Let me tell it like a story because it feels like one.


It was about five in the afternoon when the shout of my neighbors’ children tore across the silent estate.
Electricity had been restored!
After two days of no light and with the water in the upper borehole completely done in. I was seriously excited.
But, Alas, the pump refused to come on. The current coming in was too high for the water-pump to come on…. Technology of these days is just wow. In those days, all you’ll see is boom and it’s packed up. Fortunately, all i had to do was take the switch from the stabilizer to the direct supply.
That was all.
In two seconds flat, I found myself in a battle of control for my hand. Inadvertently, I had touched the metal point of the socket. With no slippers on, all i could feel was a stiffness growing from my fingers, across my arm towards my chest.
Common sense was simple, but my hands wouldn’t leave the socket, my leg wouldn’t back away body wouldn’t move. I was glued to the spot holding the conductive point and having high current flow through me.
I felt what paralysis would feel like, only I was in a lot of pain.

And then i did something I had never done in all my memory growing up till now.
I screamed.

And somewhere between the grace of God, the second day of my fast or the anointing oil I had just sprinkled around the house; the socket fell out of my cold stiff fingers.


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