Random raving……… As usual. Exam-gyming.

It is with great dismay and even greater sadness I inform you guys that I might have to jog tomorrow. I know, i know… Please don’t stain your tablet screen with tears… Don’t cry for me, my dear readers. Or you can… Who am I? The issuer of commandments?
It all started on wednesday. I had an exam and we were to make a short-sleeved corporate shirt in two hours.
I cut and pedaled away at my machine determined to finish before hand. Only to stand up to cut the collar of the shirt and waste precious minutes trying to get someone off the machine when I came back.
So, no, i didn’t finish. But hey! A whole shirt (98% done) in two hours? A round of applause please!!

In the morning of the following bed. That was when shit got real. I, honest to God, thought I had been running from a demon in my sleep.
My entire legs hurt like the dickens! Apparently, the pedals of the machine I used weren’t oiled, so what I assumed was sewing turned out to be directly proportional to cycling for two hours.

Everywhere hurts.
Everything hurts.
Staircases? My nemesis.

On a silver-lining-note… Maybe sewing machines are good for exercising… But at what cost? At. What. Cost.

*stares into the sunrise as camera zooms-in on face… Blinks slowly*
I hate exercising.


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