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01. I love … Cooking

I love food.
I love cooking new delicacies.
I love having color in my food.
Me and food? Inseparable.
… Healthy food that is.. Except Big treat bread. Big treat bread is my nemesis in my healthy food lifestyle. It’s just soft and fluffy. Even their wheat bread doesn’t taste as shitty.
It trumps shoprite bread on every level! EVERY DAMN LEVEL!
Don’t believe me? Go to any big treat outlet and get yours, A trial will convince you.

Back to my praising food. I love colorful food and one day, i happened to have the right ingredients at home and i whipped this up. I must have made it half a dozen times since that glorious day, only stopping when the house ran out of meat
Without much ado, i introduce:

the eggeronni

boiled, flavored and chopped meats (chopped turkey, chicken etc would work it)
Green pepper
Half of a Tomato
Half of a Red pepper
Half of an onion
An egg or two
Condiments (i went with salt and powdered garlic in this one)
[quantity used might vary as suits your needs]


1. chop all your vegetables individually in separate containers.
2. pour your your oil in a pan and light up on your lowest flame setting.
3. Toss in your onions and tomatoes. Don’t wait for the oil to get hot to do this
4. Tumble in your choice meats after a minute or two Sprinkle some water on it if it’s just coming out of a cool place, or better still, microwave in a closed container
5.Using a spoon, spread out everything in the pan
6. Break your egg(s) in at separate parts of the pan, make sure to leave room for the egg white that’ll spread. You don’t want the eggs piled on and thick
7. Once the egg white starts forming, sprinkle your green and red peppers on the pan. Make sure they all land on the frying eggs. Your pan contents should look something like


8. Leave it to fry.
9. You might notice the base is done and feel tempted to pull out, but the egg yolks might not be. Only one way to find out… Call on Super spatula, your trusty plastic spatula. Use it to gently turn the egg. Depending on the size of egg in the pan, you might need to carefully cut the egg in the middle first before turning it.

10. Leave it to fry for a minute, pressing lightly where the culprit egg is wither super spatula.
11. Ready!!


12. Served!!


I know it seems long but it really isn’t… Ten minutes max once you get the hang of it… It’s like 5 bridged steps.



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