Go shawty! Izz your buffday!

This is the first time I’ve not been depressed before my birthday since i turned twenty. I guess I’ve become a lot more grateful for life and living as a whole.
I have a good God that loves me, protects me and has so much of goodies laid out.
I have an awesome bestie who loves sleep like crazy but stayed up till 12 just to be the first to call.
I have awesome friends (that want me to use all my money to throw a party for them on MY OWN birthday… They actually were telling me what they wanted to eat and where I will be taking them…. Like!!).
I have supportive parents (who I clash with once in a while… A lot more than once if I’m really honest, but i love them and they love me. Sometimes.)
I have an adopted dog, Libby, that a friend helps me take care of, (even though sometimes I think, he thinks he actually owns the dog…. Chris Brown was right. Not about beating people up oh. About the hoes not been loyal. Though if my daily life involved me digging sand, I’ll have plenty to be disloyal about too.
I have a phone (i use this term loosely) that’s been ringing ‘off da hook’ since 12.00am. I can’t imagine how terrible I’d feel if my nearest and dearest forgot my day. I’d probably break into my friend’s house, take Libby and run away. LOL. Who am I kidding? I have too many clothes to runaway… And is it really running away when the ‘kid’ is twenty-four?

I could go on, but I won’t because these curls won’t pull themselves down AND I DONNO WHAT TO WEAR!!! -____-




8 thoughts on “Go shawty! Izz your buffday!”

  1. I had moments of panic for many of my birthdays in my twenties. I worked in a garden center and had to go lie down in the back under the trees in the days before my 25th birthday due to a full blown panic attack. It gets better though- the years don’t feel so important in your thirties… at least they didn’t to me. I guess I had so much pressure to start my “life” already… took awhile to realize I already had, you know? Hang in there- you’re talented in many things- that will serve you well I the future!

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