What would you do with a free day?

I’m attending my first formal runway event tomorrow…The Nigerian Fashion Week. RAAAAAHH!!!
I’m uber-excited and I’m launching my brand new butterfly shoes to commemorate.


I’m not excited enough to buy a new pair of shades or do my hair.
Why? I will be parking a box and won’t be returning back home till saturday evening. I have a wedding i’m “brides-maiding” on Saturday so we’re all hotel room booked till the wedding.
I feel very mature as I fill in my weekend plans in my diary. Fashion show… Bridesmaid.

It crosses my mind that I should hook up with my friends and go partying with this free friday. Its what i’d have done two years ago. Two years ago, I was in camp and had done the first of a year of crazy dancing, I had developed a taste for partying, I had gotten a little high as well AND had had my first (and last) hangover. Generally fun things.

Its amazing how things change. But, as i twirl my grey hairs with my fingers and raise my wrinkle-drooping eyelids to see what I type, I realize my idea of fun has really changed.
A day of not doing any house work, having a TV to myself, a warm soak in a bathe… That’s a crazy mad day already; mix that with going out with friends to feed my eyes on lovely people and not needing the internet with it. AWESOME I SAY!!

I know right, boring girl chronicles. But I love it!


type now or forever hold your fingers :)

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