Last weekend

Last weekend went great, guys! The fashion show and the wedding. And i learnt many many things.

Oriental hotel is beautiful, inside and out.
Elevators do something to my tummy that make me feel like expelling food through my oral cavity (vomit).
When in doubt, wear white and black.
Never launch brand new heels when you have no idea of what sort of sitting arrangement is planned.
People are actually very helpful in giving directions.
People are also cheap… Even when it’s not their money to spend; always carry extra cash.
When traveling, always take a shower cap.
Natural hair is acceptable to all. So, if you don’t wanna wear a weave, don’t.
People are fickle. If they think you’re not up to par because you have a smaller, broken-screened phone… Let them.
You can meet people you know anywhere. Always try to look like what you don’t need to explain…. (Don’t be the girl that runs into people wearing bathroom slippers and starts ‘explaining’ how her Jimmy Choo heels broke off and she gave it to a beggar.)
Makeup is a superhero and i veto she should be among marvel heroes.
When in doubt, be quiet…. You’ll look smart and knowledgeable till you open your mouth.

In the next few days, i’ll be able to get the pictures and post them here, in two posts tagged:
Day 1: just call me carpenter …. About my thoughts on judgmentalism culled from the fashion show and
Day 2: the bee and the butterfly… About my thoughts people’s thoughts on makeup culled from the wedding….

Here’s a picture of me at the wedding reception.



13 thoughts on “Last weekend”

      1. She is going there for only 2 days or so, so I didn’t ask her to try to meet you. She would be too busy. I figured, it’s for ME to do when I visit πŸ˜‰
        Ccan you suggest something that’s very Nigerian, that I can ask her to get for me?

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