It’s that time of the year again…

Christmas is around the corner, and my parents are as agog as two gogs making sure the house is all christmasy so Father Christmas feels right at home… It’s a shame that they think Father Christmas is actually anything other than a fat man that breaks into people’s homes after stalking them all year to make sure they were ‘good’. But who am I to burst their bubble?

But we have gone off-point as usual, like a run-away horse. A run-away horse who has borrowed an i-pad to share stories on his blog.

The time I’m actually talking about is “end of the year- new year beginning”. For the majority of last week, I and my four wheeled buddy, abby, were out of town. We did a three-hour journey over to my meeting with God on Shiloh ground at canaanland.



And those pictures are just the ones at the headquarters, not to talk about the provincial viewing centers in other locations the world over. Its always a humbling experience since I started coming in 2011. The throngs of people traveling in from as close as next door and as far as Japan and the United Arab something something.
Bishop Oyedepo taught us how to pray for an hour, ‘the effectual prayer that must be heard’ using Hannah and Jesus as illustrative examples. Typically a one-line prayer. I’ve never prayed for that long ever. It was awesome. Hopefully, it’ll stay with me for life.

I camped in my car with a friend and an acquaintance. We had collapsible chairs, picnic spot under a tree, cooler of drinks. We even managed to turn my little golf into a 3 bed room. It was relaxing, except the second night when some mosquitoes decided to squat with us. When we weren’t in church, or trying to catch quick snoozes between each session, or trying to get food, we talked… On personal experience in life, on incidents… Anything. It has really come to me how much i enjoy sharing my life stories with people which is why i blog. Duh. But, Its also extra special when they share honestly right back as well. You learn a lot that way.

Driving home wasn’t any easier. I was still frightened of hitting or been hit, but with my 16 – year old passenger to deliver home the three hour journey seemed a LOT shorter. I wasn’t really sure what we’d talk about all the way home, at first. There’s about 8 years between us, but somehow, we related on the same level with what I and my friends had also talked about
good friends,
bad friends,
boys and
It felt great to share information with her. I don’t see myself as anybody’s mentor, I haven’t done any extreme thing in life and I don’t really enjoy advising people about trivial matters because, i believe, some experiences are meant to be had… We’re meant to have friends that do bad things to us, we’re meant to have friendships we grow apart from, you have relationships and you have breakups.
You can’t advice someone to never have a friend or a relationship over those things… You can only talk about your situation, so if it has happened to the person the hurt heals faster knowing their not alone.. And if it hasn’t happened, when it does, it slips down their back like oil and they move on, faster without breaking down.

I’ve had someone ask me why i choose to not have sex. It’s not because it’s a sin, or Some sort of moral stand. It’s not me waving a flag, wearing my white uniform with “team virgin” emblazoned across my chest… It’s because I had learnt a long time ago that friends come and go, and they carry a little bit of information about you with them as they leave. The same way guys will come and go, and carry a piece of you off as well, even if it’s just your happiness. But happiness is like a rechargeable battery, overtime, it’ll be back to normal… Sex on the other hand is not. It’s not undoable or forgettable. At least i hope it’s not because I want fun time with hubby. And frankly, this body is too sizzling to be sharing around like short bread cake biscuits.


8 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year again…”

  1. I readily cherish moments of opening up, because they are always far between, like once in a year, hardly two. There’s the comfort that always follows in knowing that you have a confidante. And in knowing you aren’t alone facing the harsh winds of life.

    As for the sex and shirts issue, I’m still trying to gather the straws.

    Three important mantras:
    *Let go and let God
    *Carpe Diem
    *Que Sera Sera

  2. Shiloh truly was a meeting with God. The crowd is always a humbling sight. I have never had a bad friend that has remained a bad friend to me because i have come to realize that in life, we meet people at different stages and it would be unfair to judge them based on that bad stage forever. Funny enough a friend that duped me last ear happened to give me a lucrative business idea that has earned me quite a lot of money this year. This would never have happened if I did not forgive and give a second Chance. So my major advice on relationships is never throw anyone away cos you never know. As for sex, I totally agree with you.

    1. You do have a point; but, for me forgiveness and second chance are like heads and tails on a coin… Trust is a fragile entity that I hold dearly… So, once lost its hard to regain and vice versa too if I’m the one at fault.

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