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These are a few of my favorite things

With 2015 getting ready to take over the party, One of the oddities I engage in at this period has boiled up in my chest, ready to spill over with joy unto my noble readers. You!
Spring cleaning Or Hamattan cleaning.
I recommend this for everyone, not necessarily the hamattan name, though I will be pleased at that.. But the clearing up pre-new year.
I know some people don’t believe in all this.. Everyday is just a day, the day after december 31, 2014 isn’t so much of a new year as it is another day since the calender.. Blah blah.. Lunar moon blah blah. To you, i say “wow. Must suck to be in your shoes” and to the rest of you who aren’t sucking shoes, come with me if you want to live!!

This year, i decided to add giving off old and unworn clothes to the mix. You know, those clothes you look at and assume you will one day wear because they were pretty expensive but, you haven’t worn for the past two years, so the likelihood that you will EVER wear is like.. Errr… 0.00000000001?
Leave that in 2014. I know you love them, had it soooo long it’s like an extension of you.. Like an arm. If your arm was made of fibre and buttons. Wiggle your arm, people.. Does it go fluid-like. No? Then let the fibre arm go. Let. It. Go.
Go to where, you wonder.. Well for one a church. Most churches have a charity-hospitality section. If you don’t want your church members seeing your old stuff, that’s okay too. Look for uncompleted buildings that people are living in and drop it off for them. Another thing is to package it in a bag and leave beside your garbage bin outside.

Another thing i found myself cleaning out is my underwear bag. You guys, that place is a terrible place. So many holes… So much slackened elastic. It’s bedlam. I wish i could show you pictures. No. No i don’t wish to show you pictures. It’s embarrassing. Those underwear were terrible. Nothing cute and admirable in those holes. A disgrace to my fashion hood to be honest. But with my garbage bin thirstily grasping all things holey and gross, i have been rescued from disgrace. Hallelujah!


And there’s the final clean out and scrub and mop, of course. Strip your bed, use clean bed sheets. Dust up the 2014 dirt. Make 2015 welcome and get all the goodies he’s coming with.


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