Tee is here to TESTIFYYY!!!

God is good!
I said, God is good!
God is faithful and in the words of my pastor, my God is not a robber.
There is this thing that goes on at Shiloh. It’s called Shiloh sacrifice. I won’t try to explain it to you guys at all, i will just say exactly what happened.
At Last year’s shiloh, The Spirit urged me to place my most precious item up for sacrifice and tie it to somethings I wanted for this year. That precious thing was my android phone. I was genuinely distraught and cried a little, but i put it down on the altar. And if you’re ever in doubt on how good this year was to me, look back on my testimony on how God saved me from near death via electrocution. But at the same time, God didn’t redeem a new phone in my hand so, i knew my testimonies weren’t over; that was till when i found myself at shiloh this year and it was once again time for shiloh sacrifice. I sat down as comfy as a rock. Why would God ask for anything, been as the phone I was using was a mockery by all my friends and a passing joke… Jokes i laughed at with them, but still, it hurt.
Grudgingly, to fulfill all righteousness, i asked God what he would want me to sacrifice, totally expecting no answer. That was how i heard:
my laptop.
My own laptop.
My personal laptop.
It pained me. Again i cried… I cry a lot. I know. I was upset… Ah han.. Laptop, phone.. Only me.
But still i made the vow to sacrifice and tied it to plenty big things so God will know i was an unhappy teenager in His presence that day. But as the bishop kept repeating, “My God is not a robber” and plenty of shiloh sacrifice testimonies still ringing in my head. My faith built up, i wiped my tears and praised God.

And like a dream of the night, barely two weeks after shiloh, my bank account has been credited with an amount triple the cost of that android phone, from the most unexpected source ever.
And i don’t even want a phone again. Its just shopping spree galore.



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