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Church girl problems

Its the week after the 21 days fast; its the time to reap testimonies. This week alone, i have been favored with four totally unexpected opportunities to sew for people. I wasn’t even searching. I wore two of the ankara shorts i had made to buy fabrics and these women that i bought the fabrics from were so impressed that they wanted me to make trousers for them and a few wanted shorts for their daughters.
I was so humbled. This time last year, i had never even used a sewing machine.. And now.. Well, I thank God.

Anyway, i wore one of the shorts to our mid-week fellowship today and it was LOL. A lady came to meet me whilst the service was on basically telling me how God doesn’t like shorts, how they were inappropriat and i wouldn’t wear them to meet the governor. I told her i would. That there is nothing wrong with them, and i had no intention of wearing long skirts to pretend that i was something i wasn’t to please them.
Note,These weren’t little bum shorts. They were three inches above my knees and very wide at the base. Basically, what i will describe as palazzo shorts.
I think her freedom of speech was spurred by the assumption that i was some young 18 -year old kid. Meanwhile two weeks ago, another of these women had come at me to wear skirts and I had not attended fellowship the entire previous week. Not to prove any point. But, i hate feeling watched and monitored. Especially in church where judgemental-ism should be frowned on. But, what i hate more is anybody intimidating me or trying to bully me. I’m to stubborn for such to prevail for long. Another was at the house fellowhip. I wore a maxi dress to it on saturday and she was almost dancing on her tippy toes saying the Holy Spirt had touched me. One would think these people have ever seen my cleavage, or seen me in a bodycon dress or anything.

As someone with aspirations of working in the fashion industry, it makes me wonder about what exactly my fashion line would portray..
It seems my fashion sense is frowned on by these christain-folk.
But isn’t it God that gave enhanced my fashion creativity, and made me with this nice figure as an advertisement for my clothes? I’m just confused. 😕


10 thoughts on “Church girl problems”

  1. loool….. i dunno why and where you got your fashion inspiration.
    You dont strike me as a designer thou…. How can we see your designs btw… You should post some here… am sure you would get consumers here too

  2. You should post photos of things you make!

    Btw, “But isn’t it God that gave enhanced my fashion creativity, and made me with this nice figure as an advertisement for my clothes?” is not the best way to think about it. I mean, God made criminals and gave them stealing/murdering/raping abilities too. So by this logic either God doesn’t care about people dying etc, or that it really isn’t right to trace everything back to God.

      1. I don’t see it as a proof oh! I see it as an added advantage to my work. I don’t need to look for a model to start paying. I am basically my own advertisement and can convey to anybody that comes to inquire on my abilities.

    1. I will. I need to do a lot of blog editing before i start those; i also want to have a back log of clothes so once i start showing these clothes, it will be continuous.
      God didn’t create people to be criminals. He only created people and he loads us with daily benefits (psalm 68:19) and gives us good things (james 1:17) There is the devil that steals, kills and destroys (john 10:10) and as omniscience as God is, he handed the controls of the Earth to Adam in the beginning, and adam, through Eve handed it to the snake (the devil) by being obedient to him (gen 1) and since then the devil DOES have power over anyone that isnt a genuine child of God.
      So, unless children of God are able to stand in the gap for God to interfere in their issues, God will not shoulder himself or force himself to help anyone’s life.

      But all that by the way… I know someone who studied fashion and has been sewing for the past three years and her sewing isn’t as neat as mine, neither has she got as many customers as i have. There is the place for hard work … Even the Bible says that “seeest thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mere men (prv 22:29) but! There are people who have worked for years to no avail and i haven’t sewn for up to 10 months now.
      I believe in one parable .. The parable of the talents (ps 25: 14-30) and i am loaded with lotsa things.. And i see my interest in fashion, tailoring, and ability to model them all in one.

      1. I agree. You have talents, benefits, luck, oppportunities etc., and it is what you make of it. In fact, saying that X happened because god willed it, is a defeatist way of thinking (in my opinion).
        I am glad you are seeing success in your tailoring/designing pursuits, and if you wish to advertise them on yourself, then you should be able to without other people putting you down for it – I stand by you for that!

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