alive and wellllllllll…. but who gives a flying banana

hey guys!!

i’m not even going to bother clearing off the cobweb because i don’t  know when next i’ll be online. my friend just leeft his laptop for a minute and  clawed my greedy paws on it to say hi to y’all. i hope you’re  all in good spirits and i don’t mean alcohol . hehehe.

I’ve been working on and off sha. which is fun till there’s a deadline. Then it’s tom and Jerry shit. anyways this is what I’ve been up to.

Driving:  a LOT. In fact, now quite lazy.
Eating: a quarter carbohydrate ration and more than half protein because i am a meat glutton.
sewing: a lot more and i have quite a few customers.
realizing :i am a fabric-whore. i love fabrics. i REALLY love fabrics.
Liking: the idea of having a new phone. anytime now, God.
trying: to take things slooooooooooooow

not-kissing: and telling… yet.
Noticing: that time flies when you’re not using it.
trying: to save my money.
thinking: of other sources of income to kick the sewing up.

bleh bleh bleh.. i’m tired of typing. laterrrr gators!! xoxo.


13 thoughts on “alive and wellllllllll…. but who gives a flying banana”

  1. I was just about sending you an email about you being away and decided to open the blog on my PC wham see post!
    My WordPress is being iffy 😦 anyhoo, I’m happy you’re alive and well, yes I give lots of flying bananas 🙂
    Book me down as customer o!

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