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Juggle joggle jorggle

I had big plans guys. Big BIG plans to start posting weekly at a business center down the road. Because, after my last post (which I didn’t get to finish properly because my friend proved to be a massive distraction and made my brain go fuzzy), i realized just how much i had missed blogging.

For those that don’t know what business centers are; long long ago, some 10 years ago. Huge rooms with cubicles and cubicles of computers were made. hourly or thirty minute-ly you browsed as you paid. There was even one two streets from my place that said “no shoes, no service” i bet they’ll be begging for dust to even cross their threshold now. But a few of these archaic business centers still run though, mainly on fuel and generators. And it was to one of these my two left legs were to carry me to do my blogging, yahoomail-ing and what have you every Saturday. At least, that was the plan till Nigeria’s economy struggled to stand under the collective weight of the tankers packed along Apapa road, the queues and queues of cars hoping for fuel, and the smiles of plastic sellers selling off kegs… In other words, till the fuel scarcity happened.

A fuel station

The apapa road and its starcrossed love with tankers

Kegs doing their rollcall outside a station.

And so, that was that. Whilst most people have to struggle for fuel to get to work, my sewing machine lives somewhere next to my mattress somewhere in my room; so err… No fuel needed. Except when i need to go sourcing for thread and stuff and then i use my range rover trek.

get it?


……….. Waits for you to get it………

anywaysssss, When it is NOT wearing out my sandals, it is actually good exercise that i have not been getting. At all. My tummy is getting bigger, guys. It’d have been sad if i was actually eating bad food but, it’s good food.  WHARRREFFFUUURRRR!!! I DON’T CARE!!! #teamFatAndHealthy.

I’m lying… I’m crying on the inside… And my stomach is licking the sugar in the tears.

Tummy aside, i have a tonne of work on my shoulders. I’m making some clothes towards a fair in some months time and things got a little real for me early this week. I’ve sourced up a whole load of fabrics this past month, and the expenses have me a little wide-eyed. And early this week, it dawned on me that somewhere between fabric and final piece of clothing is a me patterning, cutting AND sewing. That picture got me spooked. I wasn’t just going to be making clothes according to what i know a client likes or what a client had seen me wear and wants… I am going to be making clothes for people i haven’t ever seen before. And that kinda had me on tenterhooks about what exactly i was going to be doing. What if nobody buys?

That’ll be painful.

I’ll just roll up my sewing machine and dust out my Certificate… Which i don’t yet have… But well… Industrial chemistry was sort of crappy and boring to be honest. Working in a laboratory 8-5. Zzzzzzzz😴 But I talked to a friend and he was like all or nothing, Go big or go home and he said that if there was a loss, we would split it. It Kinda made me happy and a bit more confident in my capabilities that someone had that much faith in what I can do.  So I had to hold up my inner balls.  And yeah I’m still a lot scared, but we can only go forward.. Can I hear an ‘Amen’?!!!!

And, to be honest, I’ll rather he spent his money on me in other ways. #goldDigger 😉



1 thought on “Juggle joggle jorggle”

  1. I totally relate to this post. Sometimes I just want to walk away from it all (tailoring, house chores, pet project,…) when there’s so much pressure but alas I can’t. It’s what I have a passion for and I am fighting for balance in my life. I believe with time you too will find a balance with all your activities. About making ready to wear clothes for your sale, I believe your designs will be appreciated and you would make profit and I am glad you have support because sometimes that’s all we need to go on. Well done.

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