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Busy bee 2.. Kinabuti

There is something else on my mind asides busy bee (the sequel). It is  gnawing and gnawing at my cerebellum (brain stuff) but, i’m gonna push it aside and put on my big girl pants and talk about busy bee 2 if it kills me. Because i’m african and that’s what we do.

We don’t announce our engagements…

We don’t tell people we are leaving the country for years, till the night before as though our visas and tickets arrived by miracles.

we don’t tell people we were pregnant till the baby is delivered…

Why? Its seen as counting chickens before eggs are hatched, or as we say it here, don’t let anyone take your good fortune and hide it in a hole. Because that’s what could happen. How do i know? I have gathered enough experience watching african magic movies. Shit is real.

This is why i know you guys will forgive me for not telling you of my recent life upheavals… Even my current upheaval.


No. Lol. No.
Can you imagine married? Because i can’t. It’s wierd.

Actually, i was, by God’s grace, among the 12 selected for a 2-month finishing school training with one of THE big names in world-class dress making, pattern making, fabric creation and all that. yes, she is Italian. And No, i am not in Italy.

It has just started to feel like real life again. I mean, i am no pessimist, just an honest realist. This time last year i couldn’t thread a bobbin for bread and water and here I am picked with eleven others from at least 300. Even the day my school instructor selected the eight of us from our center that’ll go ahead to showcase our clothes, she asked me if i would have anything to show the company that’ll make the final cut. SHE DIDN’T EVEN THINK I HAD ANYTHING TO SHOW, YET SHE PICKED ME!!

I just thank God for favour, y’know? Because when a company is sifting the best from the best, that’s when shit get real, they start looking for the tiniest issues to shove people out; Years of experience becomes an issue, finishing becomes an issue, how you cut what becomes an issue.. But here I am today,
Rounding up my second week in training under a lady that has worked with Prada making red carpet clothes. If anybody had told me this would be me last year, i’ld have been like “lol, you gat jokes”. And now, i’m dropping words like silhouette, straight grain and darts AND i have actual human customers I am totally unrelated to who drop money that I…. I make clothes for them… Which leads me to busy bee 3 (the last stand)… Am I ready for this?


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