Busy bee 3… Bills billsss billssssss

39 minutes after one in the morning seems a good time as any to begin the finale.. The end.. The pari.. The aurevoir of the busy bees updates. Who knows when next this humble blog might see my humble fingers write a humble post for you humble readers? DJ Humility maybe…?
Anyway my new favourite TV show starts by 2am. My pretty pony… Or little pony… It used to be the teen titans but the unwarranted increase in rates by DSTV has had my ijebu father hop to another dish decoder… So now its pony stuff.
cartoons by the way.

I love cartoons, i cling to them like a dog clings to his smelly bed. They are just about the only thing i can hold and keep myself from been a boring adult.
Things aren’t so easy any more. I keep running my hand through my hair expecting it to fall off or turn white any day soon. So many things to do, think about and worry about… Bills to pay, customers to demand payment (diplomatically), deliveries to make, friendships to maintain… I feel torn in all directions.
But when i’m watching these cartoons… For just a few minutes, my mind feels blank… It IS blank… Just cartoony things that don’t need much thought or consideration or decisive skills… It is my favorite thing to fall asleep from.
My bed isn’t relaxing because i’m urged to pick my diary and plan the next day… Calls aren’t relaxing because there’s either excited happy stories to exchange or worries to either listen to or placate.. And these days, i’m not too fond of my phone ringing: for business, handful of chums and lovers… But anything more i haven’t the energy for. Meeting new people is the worst… I might actually give my number and not just pick the call. And i don’t even feel bad as i put the phone on silent and stare at the ceiling of my room.

Work isnt fun. Hobbies are fun. But work? It could have a bit of fun but too much of fun and less work and trust that your pay starts to slide dowwnnnn till bankruptcy.

When i thought of designing as a means of earning a living, i assumed it was all inspiration and drawing, do some magic on the sewing machine and TADA. Blissful assumption.
Ignorance IS bliss, till real life comes in. Early in the week, i met an acquaintance from university. She’s a part time fashion blogger, part time engineer and in the course of our talk on jobs and hubbies and fun, i realized like oil and water, they just won’t mix. Bills have to paid.
With money.
Money that you earn
From working.

This is the circle my mind goes revolving through. Is it a surprise i watch my little pony?
No, it is not.



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