Is this post a lie??? πŸ˜

Today has been awesome.

Thoroughly awesome.

I mean, I woke up real early and had my jog. Then, I took my car, which totally doesn’t have a problem measuring how much engine oil is I n it, and went out to paint the town red in my skimpiest sexy skivvies. I had a lot of money on me. A LOT. because, I have ATM cards for my accounts, because duh. So it was money here, money there, money everywhere.
I was also able to hangout with my not-friend, Dammy (Dammy, autocorrect totally wrote dummy LMAO 😝) because, I had a tonne of aforementioned cash blowing willy nilly within also aforementioned sleek car that has no problems.
My great mood was heightened to delirious proportions by the total harmonious and not at all fight-y week I have had with a boy who is just a friend, who was not known as Omelette on this blog some years back.
And of course, while I have had the zeal to work and put my hand to sewing machine, there has been no inspiration to work with whatsoever; so I am totally not lazy at the moment.
In fact, the only bad thing about today is that my hair feels totally hard and un-moisturized. So, yes awesome day. awesome day all around. So awesome that I will not spend the next two hours dancing like crazy in what was meant to be a gym but is now a garden shed- mechanic tool storage- plastic container keeping- old … VERY OLD baby stuff keeping and one dead washing-machine holding room.




worst day. Worst day ever.


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