… one day …

… one day ..

I should not
think about it
not just yet
But I must
think about it
‘Cos, the One Day shall come
as sure as the sun rises and sets
One day, my retina will screen a last image
One day, my lungs will admit to its last gulp of air
One day, my heart will pump its last gallon of blood
One day, my legs will take their last step
One day, my feet will move a last time
One day, my brain will give its last commands
One day, my last meal would not digest
One day, my last human would have been seen
One day, my last thought would have been thought
One day, my last prayer would have been said
One day, a last sermon would have been heard, the Sunday before
One day, my last word of encouragement would have been said
One day, my last fight would have been fought
One day, my last anger would have been kindled
One day, my last annoyance would have been triggered
One day, my last doing, would have been done
One day, my last dance would have been waltzed
One day, my last road kilometer would have been driven
One day, my last Good Morning would have been said
One day my last Good Night would have been said
One day my last shower would have been taken
One day my last Hello would have been said
One day, my last call would be received
One day, my last journey would be embarked upon
One day, my last blessing, would have been said

One day, I shall smoke my last cigarette
One day, I shall eat my last meal
One day, I shall gulp my last cup of water
One day I shall mount, perhaps dismount, my bed, a last time
One day, I would smile, perhaps frown, a last time
One day, I shall drive in, perhaps, out, a last time

One day, I shall write scribble, a last time
One day, I shall get off the last chair, a last time
One day, I shall hear a voice, a last time
One day, my last business would have been transacted
One day, a last debt would have been collected
One day, the cash in my purse, in my bank,
my eyes would have beheld a last time
One day, the fruits of my life-labour, sweet or sour,
my eyes would have been beheld, a last time
One day, the fruits of my loins, my womb
my eyes, nay, my mind, would have beheld, a last second
One day, those harvests, those profits, those losses, of my whole life
my concern, my attention, would have recalled, one last moment
One day, this my bed, I would have slept in, a last time
One day, this sofa, I would have sat on, a last time
One day, this my room, I would have occupied, a last time
One day, this my house, I would have lived in, a last time
One day, these special jewelry, these stones, I would have adorned, a last time
One day, these my dresses, I would have worn, a last time
Those memories, pleasurable or saddening,
those torments
those afflictions
those embarrassments
those fears and worries
those misfortunes would cease
On a dark screen, only they would appear
I, free, of their hurt
One day, tomorrow would arrive, for all, not I
One day, a new dawn would come, for all, not I
One day, the next hour would arrive, for all, not I
My last year, my last month, my last week, would arrive, uncelebrated
My one last day, would arrive, unannounced
As usual as previous days
My last hour would approach
My last minute would come
And then, the last second,
so decisively quick
Somewhere, there would be anguish
Somewhere, there would be regrets
Somewhere, there would be sorrow
Somewhere, there would be joy
Near or far
That one day
Perhaps today, perhaps another thousand weeks
This, only this, is known
That it will come: to be a tomorrow and a today
un be-known of me
This road, that I pass, that I must pass aright
This thing that I do, that I must do aright
This word that I speak, that I must speak aright
This Lord, teach me to do
After the day has gone
After the “dust to dust”
Will you remember me
I will, that you do
How will you remember me
What will you think about me
What will you remember of me
Though I begone
In your minds, fragments of me remain, though awhile
Like a thick smoke, daily weakening in intensity, fading away
fragments to remember or to deny
fragments, to bless, or to curse
fragments, to recall, or to shoo
fragments to treasure, or to castaway
fragments to keep afresh, or to uproot
fragments to keep aglow, or to spit upon
Speak well of me,
Speak kindly of me
Speak, softly of me
to your generations-next
that existed one, who knew and lived
as his One Day could be Any Day
and, when it came, he was ready, almost ready
To the One
who knows everyone’s One Day
To the One
to Whom all shall return
To the One
the ultimate Judge
If it be not today, lead me on
If it be, “unto Thy Hands…”
The boat, this boat, must approach a harbor
The harbor; where
To anchor; where
What awaits, at the harbor
… dayodutola …


8 thoughts on “… one day …”

    1. heehee… of course I did. I dunno how I’m still alive without you to be honest. i’ve become a lazy reader too. really hard for a post or a book or a 2 hour movie to hold my attention these days.

  1. These are really deep musings. Usually brought on by sad occurrences. I’m hoping all is well on your end.

    Often I ponder. The way life would end. Cos, in all surety we know that One Day the world shall be no more.
    Just the One that knows the trappings of that moment. Just the One that knows this One Day.
    Aye! May it be triumphant!

    Great musings Fluffy.

    1. gosh… just read through oh.. sounds really melancholic. anyway, Fuzzy, it is my father who accidentally posted that on my blog instead of are you fuzzy? seun keeps me posted on your goings-on but its just not the same. do come out of your shell more

    1. Unfortunately, those were my father’s musing not mine… Long story. I’m glad you like the blog… Haven’t really posted much of late. Please give a big hullo yo miss quirky times from me. 😀

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