What shall we do today?

Today is thanksgiving day in my church; actually every last Sunday of the month is Thanksgiving day in the church. But today was extra special because its the last Sundayof the year and its thanksgiving for the entire year … Obviously, a fifteen minutes session is not enough to thank God for everything he has done for us this year. something our pastor has told us over and over is that church is not a Sunday thing… Its a lifestyle… You practice in church and then go home and continue. Its a lifestyle i’m still trying to imbibe but oh well, thank God for His grace and mercy.
Anyway, Our pastor told a story today. It was the 1980s and he had just got his brand new second-hand car. A  friend of his came to commiserate, asking “brother David, i heard you have bought a car?”
“Yes”, my pastor responded, “a Volkswagen beetle.”
The friend looking horrified snapped his finger of his head, a gesture  that meant “God will not let that be more my portion” and said “if the Volkswagen bettle is a car may I never own a car.”
… And he never has. I mean, to call a spade a spade, second hand cars getting into the country then were less than nothing to write home about in those days… The were rickety bucket heaps clinging to life by a cough,a sputter and a push. Many a car had to be pushed to start … In other words, the friend had a right to be horrified but he was focused more on the bad than the good.
The story struck me, because a friend of mine got me a phone, it wasn’t the kinda phone I expected to use… Don’t get me wrong i love and appreciate Seun for getting it but, the affluent nature of my DNA looked down on it, i even spent Thursday searching for cases without the brand name to hide the name on the back. The only cousin of mine using the brand of phone is ten years old. TEN! My other cousins are on iPhones and Samsung’s and HTCs thanks to their parents and  i wanted my own. When i didnt get it,  i lost sight of the thanks for the phone and just focused on the thanks for whatsapp and internet. Forgetting that God touched the heart of someone to stay up till 12 am and snatch a deal, that only lasted for 3 minutes, so I won’t have my friends mock my old battered phone at Shiloh like the previous year. It kinda reminded me of the story of the 10 lepers Jesus healed… The other nine had reasons to be displeased… They had been healed… Now what? With the scars and disfiguring and mangled fingers leprosy came with, who would want them in their offices.. They’d have to beg to survive.. And at least the leprosy colonies had food donations to survive and there was respectability now, they’d back in town… Healed but begging, what life was that?
But, the last leper was like wow, no leprosy! Just like that! I can stay in the city again and hug mum and dad..won’t they be happy to see me.. No need to come all the way out and feel bad for their boy or having to share their small meals to donate for me. No more! Wow! And in happiness, he ran back and thanked Jesus, you have no idea how happy you’ve made me. You’ve made my life better! Thank you! And Jesus looked around, and said “I thought you were ten? Didn’t the other nine see what i did? Oh well, till they see what i did for them they can stay in it..but you? Your thanksgiving has made you whole.” And the ex-leper had his skin cleared out, mangled limbs straightened. A brand new baby’s skin would have nothing on his. Because he chose to ignore the bad and thank God for the good.
Well, I thank God for my infinix hot note 2.
I also thank God for my car, Abby. Abby never breaks down till she is outside the gate of the house. There was a time i thought God was telling me my Christianity was okay but not okay enough for a complete testimony. Then one day, i washed Abby, dressed up, got into the car, put the key in ignition and turned it.
The dashboard didn’t even blink. I tried again and again and got myself worked up. i was about to break down in tears when I heard my dad shout from upstairs “Kehinde, have you returned Taiwo’s battery to her car?” And saw my grumbling twin take out my battery from the generator room and place it in mine.
The relief i felt was… Wheww.
You see, i get worked up when my plans don’t go as exact as i planned them. And God knows if that car packs up inside the compound, i wouldn’t know till i needed to go somewhere urgently and then bham! Not only spoilt car to deal with but  completely new plans to make and I am not the most impulsive person at all.
This passage sums it up;
“If you will not hear, and if you will not take it to heart to heart to give glory unto my name, says the Lord of hosts, I will send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because you do not lay it to heart.” Malachi 2:2


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