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Third wheels, sharks and bad advice

It’s cold.
It’s a cold morning.
My blanket is hugging my bed tight and somehow i am stuck in the middle. Don’t you just hate being the third wheel.
Couple’s disgust me. They disgust me because of their cheerful excited, holdy hands shit. But, primarily, they disgust me because i am single.
Yes, yes. Shit happened. It was some months ago, (April 6 to be exact), sometime in the morning, between 8-9am…. (Just tryna be exact). Lots of my 11:11 wishes have gone to rewinding time… You would think for someone born on the 11th day of the 11th month, i would have a better chance at having my wishes come through.. But no, father time is too busy making time go faster for people rushing to meet deadlines to bother with me.
The end.

Still here?
You want to know what happened?
Well, aren’t you a little gist magnet.
I don’t really want to go into it… The pain is too great, the memory is too fresh but mostly because i was kind of at fault… OKAY! Majorly at fault!
Gosh, it’s like an episode of Judge Judy with you people.
Anyway, You know that advice? The Don’t-make-decisions-while-you’re-Angry advice. They were right.
In this instance. But if, for example, someone steals your bag, it is a good idea to run after the person with anger in your wings and the image of you catching the thief and beating him black and blue as your vision. However, if you are out swimming and a shark steals your leg, it is a bad idea to go back to get said leg back… He will more than likely steal more of you.
Other advice that are noteworthy; don’t stay out late at guys night parties and expect a happy bf. Don’t breakup if he doesn’t pick your calls. And definitely don’t go out with him later, get high and make out with him… Have some standard.
… That’s what happened. 😐


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