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Natural hair ain’t shit

My hair has been natural for the past three years. it has been three years coloured by long periods of hating the hair for tangling into itself, forming knots and just been a basic nuisance and short little periods of actually liking the afro look.

Natural hair, like every other hair, looks pretty. That is all. It doesnt prove you love yoursef the way God made you, doesnt prove you love you for you, doesn’t prove you are celebrating your natural state… doesn’t prove anything. It. Is. Just. Hair.

     I went to the bank some months back and i was on said afro. I met this bank attendant who gushed on and on about how much he loved natural hair and celebrating natural beauty and how he loves girls that embrace their “natural state” and then went on with how girls that use make up are vain and lack confidence in their selves. and i was like..
Hold it.
Hair is just hair, it is not a dictation in self confidence and the art of living. and that i did have make up on?
I had mainly foundation on, so it wasn’t obvious. This was after i burnt my face, and there were very few places i went to without makeup for a while . Makeup was my superman that period. The banker guy, though cute, needed some enlightenment from been so myopic and I schooled him that day. It’s annoying enough when girls say it, but guys who donno anything about it now add their thoughts like they know what’s up?
Getting your face done up isn’t easy and should not be scoffed at. My first time at proper make up? took about 45 minutes, and was done by a professional make up artist. i kept asking her what she was using at each point of the way. all these words were floating around;  primer, foundation, eye shadow, liner, blush, powder concealer, highlighter, lip liner, lip stick. after a while i just gave up.. my brain was overloaded. I know what they mean now, but at that time, she could have been speaking another language for all i know. After a while, I got bored and started asking “are we done yet?” every two minutes. Like a child. When she was finally through, boy, did i look amazing!!!  I dont think I’ve ever taken so many selfies and none was deleted. There was no picture that wasn’t a hit. i couldn’t stop looking at myself!!!

(This picture was taken like 4 hours after i was made up)

I felt beautiful and its a feeling we low self esteem girls need to feel. I felt confident and empowered… I know some of you are thinking, all from makeup? Bullshit!
But, think of how you feel when you’re wearing your favourite awesomest looking clothes, that’s making your body look spectacular, hitting all the curves just right, covering up all the no-no zones. You feel like “dayum sister (or brother) everybody’s eyes are gonna be on you… You are killing it… Somebody call 911 because this is murderrrrrr!” It’s no different from makeup. makeup is pretty much clothe for your face.
Let’s be honest, God made us naked. We did not slide out of our mothers’ wombs with soaps or sponges or body cream or underwear or dresses? I know i didn’t.
They ALL are artificial things. Some girls can wear crop tops and body cons and bikinis and look amazing… and some of us have little pudgy bellies and will not be caught dead on any of those and we all know how funny it is to see a fat pudgy person stuffed into a bodycon… its like flab nation.
Some girls can wear short shorts and flaunt their amazng legs and some of us have stout legs shaped like tubers of yam and will never wear such out. Wouldn’t it be exciting if they gloated about how they celebrate their natural state and you don’t?
Sit! take a chill pill. It’s not that serious. You like natural hair? go natural. You don’t like makeup? Don’t use it. Your choice. Same way it’s someone’s choice to use it. Respect that.


15 thoughts on “Natural hair ain’t shit”

  1. Still love u without make up tho..and you are still a hit back to back..whether you are on natural hair or borrowed horse hair

  2. Exactly. I don’t like when people bash other stuffs just because. You dont wear make up, don’t throw shades at those who do. You don’t wear crop tops…good for you. Enjoy. You prefer briefs to boxers… ok o. Let it end there. Don’t comman be giving lame reasons and feeling self righteous upandan

  3. I too am a Naturalista and so I understand the pro’s and the woe’s of natural hair. Beauty extends further than the physical hair, you’re beautiful 🙂

  4. Ha I understand your frustration. I think that some naturals get so hyped about going natural that they don’t even realize that they’re shaming other people for not being natural. I actually recently wrote about it myself of how some naturals go through that phase of not fully realizing that it’s just hair.

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