Hair, routines and a pinch of onions

Hey guys!
Happy holidays!
Long time no blog… Only been a little over a week but, I’ll do better, trust me. 😉
I’ve been talking about getting my hair relaxed. Which i might, or might not go through with. Its a difficult choice, I’ve not relaxed since 2012.. That’s four whole years! What if i don’t like my hair straight anymore? What if I lowkey love the afro look but, i’m just a little bored of not reaching my dream length? (bra strap length is the target)



I don’t know.
My main reason for wanting to relax is that i don’t have the time to stress over the hair.
Which worried me… Why don’t have time? I don’t have kids so, why am i as busy as someone that does? Well, Because of work. Seems like a valid excuse right?
But then, I read on a blog about having a morning routine and nightly routine, how it makes your day and you more productive. I don’t have a routine. I get up, work,eat, work, rest, prepare dinner and clear breakfast things, eat, work, sleep.
Looking at it now, its a lot worse than i thought… I don’t exercise or go on walks anymore; because of work… I don’t even keep a thought diary anymore (c’mon you guys don’t think i will tell you EVERYTHING). I just focus on primary survival; eat, sleep, work and socialising via WhatsApp and twitter (which, lets be honest, isn’t really socialising).
Not good, you don’t need to tell me. I thought it was, same way i thought just doing my hair up in weaves every four weeks and only bothering about it for a week would somehow make it thrive.
Go figure.
So I’m probably not going to be relaxing my hair. Yet. I am doing a seven-day onion deep condition challenge (trust me, you don’t want to know) If not for anything, to force me to take time to care of it daily. Natural hair is really not “neglectable”. Leave it for 3 days and it will rise up from the grave as locked hair. You do NOT want locked hair.
I’m also going to start working on a routine … It will have personal prayers, morning tea, and morning walks, and diary writing and all that good stuff. Sounds awesome, i hope.
Do you guys have routines that keep you grounded and in touch with yourself? Do share.

The drunkarcher.


2 thoughts on “Hair, routines and a pinch of onions”

  1. I have been wanting to do this routine thing….this month just started the water challenge to bring some orderliness to my life an i already failed sef.
    I think i am the laziest, routineless natural hair person i know…only thing i do is wash….I just taya for myself

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