Of slaps and of fuel stations

So yesterday on twitter, some guy slapped his girlfriend after she insulted him for picking up a female friend.
Yes, the guy is wrong and so is the girl. The End. Finish.
The story reminded me of a slap i came in contact with in may, during the fuel scarcity period.
I went to oanda petrol station with my keg, dressed in my favourite rags. (When you work at home, rags are your work clothes. Big shirt, boxers, big shorts; those are my typical day wear). I got there and got on queue with the local people that had their kegs in hand, waiting to buy fuel as well. Next thing you know, this big woman shows up shoving us and shouting that we get out that only people in cars were permitted to buy fuel. Then in 2 seconds, she slaps the guy in front of me and myself.
I was shell shocked. It wasnt a big slap, but the shock that some random nonentity had done this to me was the shock factor. She kept shoving those behind me and they quickly backed off. She came around to me again, shouting, “you’re still here?!”
I was expecting an apology, at the very least, maybe she recoiling from what she had done. So this demand was like gasoline on fire. I erupted.
Two things happen when i get really angry.
My voice deepens and tone takes on a slight accent we were taught in secondary school. My body also tends to shake and i will usually be close to tears. I really hate the tears part.
Back to the story, so with this accent and my hoarse voice, i shouted,
“You dared to slap me! And you’re still asking me stupid questions?!”
She looked a bit taken aback. In my get up, I probably looked like a teenager, and she certainly wasn’t expecting the voice.
Around me i started hearing mutterings, “if it is me i will slap you back oh.”
“What nonsense, she should have touched me first, I will show her.”
There really was no sympathy from the people that were around in their cars. All that quickly changed when the key to my cars slipped out of my hand and fell.
In a heartbeat, the atmosphere changed from “if it was me…” To them berating the woman with “why would you …”
Suddenly, i was their equal, a fellow car owner. The crowd around started shouting at her,
“who do you think you are?!!”
“we will have you reported and sacked!!”
“How dare you?!”
“Sister, sorry ohhh..”
“God has caught her today, she is mad..”
But, she was still defending herself and why she did it.
I wasn’t even concerned, i was cold with anger. And an evil plotting MoJo Jojo side came out. I would to get her picture, get the numbers of some people around as witnesses. Come back tomorrow dressed to the nines and in my car and have her reported to the manager and sacked. If the manager did nothing, i would report directly to Oando. If Oando did nothing, i would make a big deal about it on twitter till it trended and Oando was forced to do something. That was all. When i get angry, i make decisions like a cold motherfucker.
Suddenly, a guy, that had asked me out some years back, appeared. He was all decked out in suit and tie, he took me to one side and asked me what happened and i told him. Somehow, his appearance and how easily we talked got to her. That maybe he wasn’t just a curious bystander, maybe i knew him. And if i knew him, i was probably not the ragamuffin i dressed like… Either way,  that’s when she started to beg. I just moved away from her. It probably looked a lot like a cat and mouse scenario. She would be “i didn’t know.. madam… Please….” And i would sternly tell her to stay away from me and move some feet away then i would again hear the “i didn’t know-”
Sometime during this game, i had dropped the keg, and she took it and filled it up, and somehow got the young man to listen to her.
He held my hand and told her to come and make her give a full apology, without excuses and reasons. I really wasn’t satisfied. I wanted her to fully regret her actions because of what she did in total and not just who she had done it to.

I thought of appearances that had made her think she was dealing with random nobodies.
I thought of this woman, who was in the same lower class level with these nobodies but a little position of authority had made her think she was better than them.
I thought of car keys that had made fellow humans, see me as the same status with them.
I thought of the Hausa boy that had been slapped with me and somehow been forgotten in the background because he was a “nobody”.
I thought of the man, whose appearance had suddenly had this woman begging after defending her actions for over 30 minutes.

And i just deflated. I had someone carry the keg, and i left. It was a disappointing day in a sad world where who you are determines how well you are treated as against humanity.

P.S. on the plus side, i am very proud of myself that i could control myself in that situation. *Pats back*😁


8 thoughts on “Of slaps and of fuel stations”

  1. ‘if it is me i will slap you back oh.” people can sha add fuel inside fire o. Talk about consoling somebody.
    I wish I had your kind of confidence. I would have melted and fallen so ashamed after the slap I wouldn’t want myself to be seen by anyone

  2. I hate the tears part too- I get that as well. Where are you located, if you don’t mind me asking? I couldn’t find an About page on your blog

      1. Okay thanks, I was just curious! Love that about blogging- you get to connect with people across the globe! Really enjoying your blog- I read back a few posts, and your sewing skills are amazing!

      2. Awwnn.. Thank you so much. I enjoyed reading your posts as well. I love that too, you get to experience so many cultures and so many types of people in a more beautiful and sincere way than facebook or twitter or any of those sites will ever accomplish.

  3. @ “I thought of car keys that had made fellow humans, see me as the same status with them.” There’s so much depth within those words.

    Hmmm…. I wonder what I’d have done in that same situation, I dislike bad behaviour especially when it’s totally uncalled for.

    A thought provoking and well-written piece, I enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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